What’s the best diet?

Paleo, vegan, back loading, intermittent fasting…

I LOVE what I do for a living!

I get to see people from all walks of life “take the bull by the horns” and make HUGE changes.

When people hear about what I do for a living they usually ask one question, “what’s the best diet”?

In many cases their eyes get big in anticipation for what I’m about to say. It’s like they want me to validate their nutrition philosophy or ideal. I kinda get a kick out of the let down when I say “none, I use bits and pieces of them all when and if needed”.

This is not a popular answer. Many people need ELITE Fueling to fit into a nutrition box like, vegan, paleo or gluten free.

Believe me, it would be a lot easier but, I just can’t do it and here is why.

There is no single and absolute diet that’s best for everyone, period.

Come spend an afternoon with me and my team and you will find that this is definitely true.

We work with people of all types, professions and abilities.

The diversity is staggering at times yet, lots of fun.

We all have different:

  • Body types – there’s the endomorph (AKA Pear), mesomorph (AKA Apple) and Ectomorph (AKA Stick) body types that all need to be fed different macronutrient profiles.
  • Environment – some people have a solid support structure while others have to “go it alone”.
  • Budget – some people have unlimited budgets and we send their meal plans to professional chefs while others have very tight budgets.
  • Knowledge – some people know very little about proper nutrition habits and strategies while others could write books about their nutrition knowledge.
  • Time – some people have time to cook and prepare their meals while others need to “grab and go”.
  • Likes and dislikes – some people like meat while others prefer a vegetarian or vegan approach.

If we were to focus on one or even two traditional dieting methodologies we wouldn’t be nearly as effective. There would be no way we would be able to maximize each persons results.

In the end this is all about you.

Your Body Type.

Your Environment.

Your Budget.

Your Knowledge.

Your Time.

Your Likes and Dislikes.

Discover Your ELITE.


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