Active Recovery

Rest and recovery is an essential part of a training and often the hardest part of any program. Many people think that if they aren’t training they wont improve. Some think that if they don’t get their workout in the scale will go up and they will gain fat. This is an easy trap to fall into when they begin any type of program or plan.

At ELITE Fueling we really push our clients to take the prescribed rest and recovery days. If not, their bodies will battle to make the proper adaptations and improvements they desire and deserve.

Rest & recovery doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. We like to call these active rest or active recovery days. Getting out with the family, taking a walk and soft tissue work are great activities for active recovery days.

These are the days that promote muscle, ligament and tendon growth and repair. They also give your nervous system, brain a much needed break from the weeks activities and training. Active recovery days are where you improve not fall behind.
Soft tissue work like foam rolling and stretching are also important for recovery and growth. It only takes 10-15 min to perform and the payoff is HUGE. Think of them as a free massage!

Some days people miss their workouts and try and add it to the following days training plan.

DON’T play the “make up game”.

There will always be missed days and missed training sessions. We all need to balance work, family and life’s demands with our training. Missing a workout is not the end of the world. Just don’t string multiple missed days together.

Stacking multiple days worth of sessions into a single day typically means you don’t get the desired training benefit from each individual session. Typically, people under perform in those sessions and don’t get the full benefit of the training.

My advice is usually always the same. In terms of the bigger picture of your training goals and plan, there’s no benefit (and often a detriment) to foregoing recovery days or finding a way to fit extra hard sessions in in the short term.

I would rather have you 10% under-trained than 1% over trained.

So as well as providing you with a training plan relative to your goals, ability, experience and available time to train, we’re also there to help stop you making bad training decision that can lead to fatigue, over-training, injury or plateaus.

Be smart about your training.

Follow your plan as best you can.

Take the time to let your body and brain recover and repair.

Enjoy the active recovery days and Discover your ELITE.


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