America doesn’t have a weight loss problem

America doesn’t have a weight loss problem.

America does not have a weight loss problem

A few weeks ago, I participated in a conference call with many of Americas top Sports Nutritionists and Dietitians. We put our heads together to collaborate, share information and cover some best practice ideas. We had some great discussions and I learned a lot.

One of the topics that came up was the obesity trends and how, we Americans have a weight loss problem. This subject bugs me. That’s right, IT BUGS ME and it should bug you.

Americans don’t have a weight loss problem. We can loose weight just fine. Confused? Think I have lost my mind? Now, before you go thinking I’m nuts consider these statistics.

A study from Oxford University that was published in the Journal of Obesity found that just over 80% of all “weight losers”, regardless of method of loss, regain the weight lost and then some within 3 to 5 years.

According to the National Weight Control Registry the relapse rate may be as high as 95 percent in most cases. 95%?!? REALLY? Yes, that means that, and to be generous, 1 out of 10 people will die in healthy body mass range.

Let’s compare some other statistics. Relapse rates for drug, alcohol and tobacco dependency are in the range of 60-90 percent. 1 out of 10 will die sober.

HOLD PLEASE! These numbers are staggering and eye opening!

Americans are competitors! We are great at loosing weight but we STINK at keeping it off. We don’t have a weight problem, we have a relapse problem.

Now, do I sound as crazy as I did a few min ago? If I do, consider one more statistic. Subsequent weight regain often doesn’t take years or months. Often times I see it only take a few short weeks. By the time the Super Bowl airs many New Year’s resolutions will be abandoned.

Catch my point? If this is true, why don’t people put more effort into sustained weight loss? You want reality? Alright… There is no money in teaching you how to obtain and sustain true fat loss(another post). The weight loss industry is a multi billion dollar a year industry. Many “gurus” and even Doctors are after your hard earned money. A new trick here, a secret snake oil there or pay me because I can do it and you should do it just like me is attractive but nothing more than adding to the weight relapse problem.

How do we battle the weight relapse problem?

First, stop focusing on minutia of a diet plan. Let the relapse crew focus on counting macros, low carb, ketogenic and jump from fad to fad. Stop looking at food and exercise as an all in or out nightmare.

Second, focus on simple fundamentals that, when applied, deliver lasting results.

Here is my 7 Fundamental Feedback Loop that will deliver lasting results.

1. Establish your starting point. Where are you right now? How much do you weigh? How much of that is lean body mass (hair, skin bones, muscle etc) and how much is fat mass? There is far more to it than a relative number on the scale. You can determine your body composition through a number of mediums. For many remote clients I use circumference formulas. Regardless of the method you use, stick with that method and compare that method to that method only.

2. Set actionable goals. Once you understand how much fat mass you have you can then determine how much weight you can lose. To be successful long term you must target fat mass. Not water or muscle. Your main goal must be a seek and destroy mission, TARGET the FAT. Nothing more, nothing less.

3. Build your plan. Your plan needs to be built one week at a time. Never “wing it”. That will get you nowhere. Don’t go to extremes. You don’t need a meal plan and exercise routine that a greek god can’t follow. Be real. Set up your meal plan, put it on paper, print it out, plaster it all over the house and follow it as best you can. Establish your exercise routine, schedule your workouts on your calendar, write your workout down and take it with you to the gym and follow it. Take notes on your meal plan, at the gym and throughout your day. Spill your guts, hold nothing back. If it’s your first week jump to number 7 next.

4. Track your results. After your first week it’s time to look at the score. Look in-depth at ALL your numbers. How much did the scale move. Did it go up or down? What did your body fat do? Did you lose fat or gain fat? Review your notes. How close did you follow your meal plan? Be honest. How well did you exercise? Be honest… Get the picture? The better you track and the more honest you are with yourself the better the results.

5. Focus on the feedback. This is key. Too often people focus on the “failures” or the setbacks (another post). There is no such thing as failure! Focus on the feedback. How did the foods and exercise make you feel. What went well? What didn’t go so well? How can you build upon the good things and use the setback as stepping stones to get better?

6. Fine tune. Customizing your plan and altering it weekly is a huge part of your success. Based off of your results and feedback alter your meal plan and exercise routine for the better. Make small course corrections that will continue to move you towards your goals.

7. Execute. Take your new plan and execute. After another successful week jump back up to number 4 and repeat this process until you nail your goals.

By taking a look at where you’re currently at physiologically and mentally. You can set your actionable goals. Once you have a goal you can then build your customized plan. Execute that plan as best you can. Then track your results and focus on the feedback. After you evaluate your week you can make slight course corrections and customize your plan to keep you on track.

Sounds simple right? It is. This Fundamental Feedback Loop is a fail-safe formula that we use week-in week-out with our clients. When followed and applied clients achieve amazing results. This isn’t the next big thing or the sexiest approach out there. We don’t want to be. We are on a mission to help you solve the relapse problem.

We use a common sense approach for uncommon results.

Use this Fundamental Feedback loop to achieve your lasting results.

Discover your ELITE.


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