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ELITE Coaching

We firmly believe that the most important elements of effective coaching is honesty and sincerity.  You deserve to hear the truth not a “results may vary” sales pitch. Being open, upfront, honest and speaking the truth sometimes is hard to hear but is vital for long term success.

With this in mind we have developed the most comprehensive, intuitive and personalized approach to achieving YOUR ELITE goals, period.

Our Approach

Your success is in both of our best interests, and as such our goal is to see you succeed. This can only happen if we do our job and you do yours. We will provide you with the tools and the map to success. Your job is to put our plan into action, trust the process and enjoy the journey.

It will be hard but it will be worth it!

Here are the steps we will take to get you started


You have unique goals, needs likes and dislikes.

Tell Us About Yourself.

You will receive a questionnaire that will let us know important information about you.  This will guide our work together.

Personal Assessment

Let's spend some time to get to know each other

How Can We Help You?

During our first meeting we will go over your questionnaire and answer any questions, fears and concerns you may have.  You need to be 100% confident in us and our approach.

Your Body Composition

What is an optimal and realistic weight for you?

Let's Break it Down

Your body composition will tell us volumes about you, your needs and the path we need to take for you to achieve your goals.  We will look at how many pounds of fat and how many pounds of muscle you currently have.

Your Goals

Your goals are just that, YOURS.

Let's Hit 'EM

Together we will clearly define your goals.  We will give you an idea of how long it will take to achieve them as well as give you a clear understanding of the effort involved.

Your Program

Now that we understand you better.

Let's Get to Work

You will have your complete program up on your app and membership page. You will be able to access your workouts and nutrition anytime, anywhere.


Each week we will meet and assess your progress.


This is where the magic happens.  Each week your program will be adjusted based off your compliance and results.  This will keep you on track to achieving your goals and the new and improved you.

Your Program

After your initial assessment you will be placed into our program based off of your goals, needs and habits. We sill take a systematic 5 step approach to achieve your goals.

Here are the steps we will take to get you results


How did your week go?


Together we will identify successes and challenges and develop strategies to stay on track to achieving your goals


What did your body do?

Collect and record measurements

We will track the specifics of how your body reacted to your past weeks nutrition and training.  We will identify what you might have gained and what you might have lost.


Are you still on track?

Weekly progress

As your program progresses we need to make sure your still on track to achieving your goals.


Now what?


You will get specific instruction on how to continue to progress.  Principles and strategies will be given specific to you and your needs.


Keep doing what you have always done and you will get the same results


Based off of your results we will adjust your nutrition and training to keep your body and mind progressing closer to your goals.
“ Coaching is releasing a persons potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teach. ”

Sir John Whitmore