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Coaching, Mentorship and Accountability.

ELITE Fueling helps people from all walks of life transform their lives through professional coaching, guidance and accountability. 

Your success is our priority.

Nutrition and Fitness Coaching.

We are often asked what our philosophy is and our answer is not common. We actually listen to our clients. We want to know whats really important to them and seek to understand their goals and individual needs. We look at how they live their lives and discover the best approach for them to achieve their goals.

It’s about you and your lifestyle.

Our Vision.

Dan has spent the past 25 years devoted to understanding the science of the human body and the psychology of success. Through his years of research and incredible success he set out to be a part of the solution to a growing epidemic.

Tired of the constant stream of fad diets and ridiculous guidelines, he designed a results driven system that thousands of ordinary people as well as some of the world best athletes and teams rely upon for success.

“Like your thumbprint, your metabolism is one of a kind. A few years ago I was just like everyone else in the fitness industry. I would utilize the typical dieting strategies to get great results. I quickly realized that no single strategy worked for everybody. Rather than just fitting in, I devised ways to evaluate each client to identify the exact strategies that would be best for them and identified when to use them. ELITE Fueling was born and with it the world’s most effective results-based transformation system”. ~ Dan Wilcox

Now you have access to his team and his system.

Dan Wilcox

has spent the past 25+ years devoted to understanding the science of the human body and the psychology of success. Dan graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Exercise and Sport Science, with emphasis in Sport Physiology and Nutrition. Dan is certified with the National Coaching Foundation, the Sport Nutrition Association of America and the Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association. Throughout his career, Dan has developed successful programs for countless endurance athletes, collegiate athletes, NFL players, competition body builders, busy business men and women, weekend warrior athletes and he has even transformed his share of former couch potatoes into lean and mean athletes. Dan has dedicated his life to mentoring and motivating countless people to achieve their health and fitness goals by developing personalized, scientifically-proven programs that get results.


“I’m a nutritionist that specializes in wellness and sport performance-focused meal plans. My lifestyle approach to nutrition and wellness delivers benchmark results for those who can follow simple principles. I believe that fads and current trends cloud the perception and destroy people’s bodies. My focus is to combine science, research and common sense to help you understand how your body reacts biologically to different food types. Armed with this knowledge, you can develop nutrition habits that deliver life-long results. Understanding which foods, in which quantities and at which times best match your specific metabolism and goals is the key to long-term success.

Researcher and Athlete

My research focuses primarily on sport conditioning, human performance and wellness nutrition; specifically, what to eat on a daily basis as well as how to fuel before, during and after exercise to optimize performance, increase lean mass and burn fat.
When I’m not “hangin’” with my family you can find me training. It’s not uncommon for me to answer clients’ calls while exercising. I believe in a practice-what-you-preach philosophy. I am an 11-year member of the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) and I currently compete in marathons and Ironman distance triathlons. The greatest events I compete in are pacing clients in events of all distances.


I have had the opportunity to coach some of the worlds best athletes, trainers, coaches and teams. Why do they seek me out? Because what I do is different.  I coach them through my system to achieve their goals. There’s a big difference between a Coach and a trainer.  Coaching is not something the coach does TO a client, it’s something the coach does WITH a client.  Coaches will tell their clients/athletes what they NEED to hear, which is not always the same as what they might WANT to hear. The most important elements of effective coaching is honesty and sincerity.