During-Activity Nutrition

During-Activity nutrition needs

What you eat or drink during an activity depends on certain circumstances. Duration and intensity need to be considered.

The goals of Fueling your activity are:

  • Hydration
  • Provide immediate FUEL
  • Enhance performance
  • Preserve muscle
  • Enhance recovery

Let’s look at the benefits of protein, carbohydrate and fat to FUEL your activity.


Eating protein during exercise:

  • helps prevent muscle breakdown.
  • enhances recovery and adaptation to the activity.
  • is vital for prolonged, high intensity, multiple day and those focusing on gaining muscle mass.

Your body doesn’t need a large amount of protein during an activity. You should only need 10-15 grams per hour. If your activity is less than 60 minutes a BCAA drink might be a good option for you. If your activity is longer than 60 minutes opt for a more natural source.


Eating carbohydrates during exercise:

  • provides an immediate fuel source.
  • helps protein cross the muscle barrier.
  • speeds recovery
  • keeps cortisol levels stabilized.
  • is vital for prolonged, high intensity, multiple day and those focusing on gaining muscle mass.
  • will improve short term performance.

Research shows that the maximum amount of carbohydrates that can be digested during exercise is 50-80 grams per hour. Many people only consume carbs during exercise and suffer gastro intestinal (GI) distress. This is painful and often leads to diarrhea and cramps.

Be sure to combine carbs with a small protein and or a fat source.  These combinations will slow the release of the carbs, protect muscle breakdown, prolongs performance and keep blood glucose levels stable.


Eating small amounts of fat before and especially after exercise can be a great options.

Keep fats to a minimum. Fats are slow to digest and sit heavy in the stomach. Don’t have much more than 4-5 grams of fat per hour unless you’re trained to process more.

If you have worked one-on-one with me or been to one of my seminars you know I am a fun size payday and nut roll guy. They are a perfect balance of protein, carbs and fats. Down the hatch!

During Activity Nutrition

Do you need to eat during your workout?

Activity less than 60 min require no fueling, unless you’re trying to build muscle mass.

If you are trying to build muscle mass your options could be one of the following:
• Diluted apple juice, cranberry juice or sports drink
• BCAA drink

Activity of 60 – 90 min or less:
• Diluted apple juice, cranberry juice or sports drink
• Fruit
• Gels like shot books, hammer, acel or gu.
• Smarties or spree candies

Activity of 91 min or longer:
• gel with a half mouthful of water 20 – 30 min
• fun size nut roll or payday bar with a half mouth full of water 60 min
• Alternate water and sports drink between gels and nut rolls
• Repeat above for duration of activity

Remember to keep your hydration levels optimal. A great way to figure out the amount of fluids you need per hour is to weigh in right before your activity and weigh out right after your activity. You will want to keep your weigh in numbers as close as possible to your weigh out numbers. To do this your will need to consume around 16 ounces per pound lost during the activity. For example, If I weigh in at 165 pounds before I mow the lawn and weigh out at 163 after I mow the lawn I would need to drink 32 ounces of fluid while I mow the lawn. I’m not mowing the lawn to lose weight, I’m mowing the lawn to keep my wife happy and burn a few calories.

This is a general guide of what I have all athletes and clients use as we dial in the proper amount of fluids and fuel they individually need. WE are all different so keep adapting until you find the ideal mix and amounts.

Your needs will vary depending on goals, environment and physiology. If you need a little help feel free to email or message me on Facebook.

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