Find Your Why

How to Snap Plateaus and Stay Committed.

We all hit plateaus and stalls at one point or another. How we react to them is key to our success.

I could give you the same ol’ drivel every other “Fit-Pro” will give or I can let read some advice one of my daughters gave her sister.

I have two daughters that swim.

They are FISH and darn good fish!

I also have a daughter that dances.

She is a wicked good at dancer.

I remember many times trying to help each of them break through to the next level. I would give them the typical “stick-to-itiveness” speech.

That stuff doesn’t settle in very often.

What settles is fighting your way through the battle and finding your why.

Check out the insight and advice from one sister to another.

I remember waking up every morning at 4:15 am. Hearing the alarm and feeling my stomach drop.

I would drive alllll the way to Spanish fork for swim practice (20 min drive).

I would freeze as we took the mats of the pool and RUSH to be the first swimmer started with the 700 m warmup.

Usually I only finished about 400m.

Sophie (my other daughter) would pass me often and the kids who were 12 years old would pass me more often than I’d like to say.

I don’t even want to mention the 9 year olds who passed me (Sydney was 16 at the time).

Everyone finished the warmup but me.

At practice I was always last in line to start and always last to finish out of everyone.

All of my friends my age, swam TWO LANES ABOVE ME.

I swam with the kids just starting out.

I never finished a set.

I hated going.

But I went.

I didn’t go because I thought it would make me better.

I didn’t go because dad gave me four million pep talks.

I didn’t go because mum said stuff about maybe regretting not going.

I went because one, I love the water and it was my happy place and most importantly, two, because I saw the Sunrise. Every. Single. Morning.

I think I love the sunrise more than anything.

At first, every morning was too dark, we couldn’t see anything and for the first looonnnnng bit of those practices I ignored the sunrise.

I didn’t care.

But then I started paying attention. I started looking for bits of color every time I took a breath. Which was easier going down on one side of the pool. But not the other.

So I did something challenging. I had to learn to breathe on both sides.

I did it for the sunrise.

Eventually I could see the sunrise with every breath and before I knew it, I wasn’t dying and choking on water every time, I could breathe.

I saw every little bit of color of the sunrise.

Guess what else happened.

My stroke evened out. And I became far more powerful on each side.

It came slowly every morning, until suddenly it was there completely, just like the sunrise.

I don’t know much about dance.

But I know it’s hard to hit a stand still.

When you feel like you’re only getting worse and it might seem like everyone else is better but, it’s like a sunrise.

You probably feel dark and only fell a little bit of light but, do me a favor.

Wake up and watch the sunrise one day.

Watch how it slowly gets lighter and lighter until suddenly, the whole sky is full of light.

Just like the sunrise, suddenly you’ll be able to do four billion spins and jumps and aerials and you won’t even vomit.

It will take hard work and a good attitude.

You love dance and no-one can stop or dampen that love.

You work hard, you do things the best you can, and you remember why you started all this in the first place.

You will get better slowly, just like the sunrise.

I can’t wait to be astounded by the dancer you’re becoming.

So keep your chin up, “only you can fill the world with sunshine”


How fitting is this lesson?

I had NO clue!

Syd became a very powerful and fast swimmer!

She holds records all because of the sunrise.

What can you learn from this lesson?

What can you change?

What light can you see in yourself?

Find your why.

Discover your ELITE.

Dan & Syd

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