Master the Fundamentals

During my winter semester at the University of Utah I decided I wanted to be a professional golfer. I knew my skills, at that point, wouldn’t be good enough to make the cut, so I broke my game down to see what I need to work on most. As I assessed my skills I quickly found the holes in my game that were keeping me from the next level. I could hit the ball a long way but struggled with putting and my short game. I knew it would take more than just spending more time on and around the greens. I had to learn, practice and master the fundamentals. In order to do that I had to start from ground zero and rebuild those parts of my game. If I didn’t rebuild my game and completely master the fundamentals I would never be able to handle the pressures of tournament play.

When I sit down and meet with new people I assess where they are fundamentally in a number of areas. I often hear coaches that have their clients stop eating foods they enjoy like carbohydrates and sugars to name a few. This methodology, while trying to adhere to the current dogma and trends, is in most cases damaging and contributing to unhealthy rebound gains. UNACCEPTABLE! We need to assess your skill levels, help you develop the fundamentals and build your foundation. If we do this correctly you will be able to negotiate the more difficult nutrition and training strategies when called for.

When you make a commitment to changing your body composition, focus on mastering the fundamentals and build a solid foundation. As you progress, cultivate new information and adapt the principles into your fundamentals. In an age where anyone can slap a website together and spout their “knowledge” on Facebook you need to keep a skeptic eye out at all times. If you focus on too much information or try approaches that you’re not ready for your in danger of not hitting or maintaining your goals.

You don’t need to know a lot of in-depth knowledge about every new trend or scientific study that’s published. Don’t get hung up in the media and the exaggerated minutia. Don’t feel the urge to try all the new, or old, diets that are sure to turn up. Take your time, build your fundamentals and foundation. There will be plenty of time to test and experiment with strategies in the future. Right now focus on as Stephen R. Covey says “First things first”.

When I broke my golf game down and really focused on the fundamentals and built a solid foundation I got a lot better. My game held up under pressure and I had a lot of fun. Spend the next week taking an in-depth look at your nutrition and training fundamentals. Break them down and find the one that is giving you the most grief. Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on some core fundamental principles that are vital to a solid healthy lifestyle.

Together we can put things in order, focus on your fundamentals and build your foundation.

Let me know how you’re doing and what you discover.

Discover your ELITE.


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