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This website and all that is to follow is the result of nearly 3 decades of research, practical application and trial and error. I have had the pleasure of seeing thousands of people make positive changes by applying simple principles and strategies. People have trusted me with their bodies and thanks to them I have honed my skills and knowledge into an understanding that goes far beyond text books, buzzwords, gimmicks and fads. I have clients that span the globe and range from nursing mothers, collegiate, professional athletes, CEOs, business executives strength coaches and personal trainers. There isn’t much I haven’t seen or heard.

Three years ago I faced a dilemma. I received a call from a client that I had helped lose a lot of weight. I was, as I usually am, excited to hear from her. She was in tears and embarrassed to even call me. She told me that she had in a years’ time gained 20 pounds back. It was a fraction of what she lost but told me that she didn’t know what to do. I spent 40 min talking to her about her program and how she successfully lost 70 pounds by applying simple strategies and principles. After talking her off the ledge she told me that she needed to come back because she couldn’t do it on her own.

After talking to her and setting up an appointment, I went on a run. It was during that run that I realized that I was a part of the problem. I wasn’t educating the people I worked with. I would run them through great programs but I wasn’t teaching them the why behind the how. I came home and realized I needed to change the way I worked with people. Nothing I do is a quick fix. Principles have a place and there has to be a progression.

It has taken a long time to put the right pieces of the puzzle together. With the development of my new website, training and nutrition apps, together we can achieve your fitness and nutrition goals that will last a life time.  By providing more education and knowledge I will be helping clients focus on monthly habits, strategies and principles that will help them not only achieve their goals but arm themselves with the right core values to maintain their results and also educate people around them.

Along with the upgrading of my programs I will be posting research, educational material, and a non-biased look at nutrition, training and supplementation. I will also be bringing the best of the best on board to work with me. I will partner with only the best people in my industry.

You will be at the start of it all. You will see posts, product and program launches and much more over the next few months.

Many of you have helped me become what I am today. I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you for all your trust and support. Let me know what you would like to hear or have me research and I will post my findings and opinion on this blog.

This will be fun.

Discover your ELITE.


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