Portion Control

Portion Control

Most people think that controlling thier food intake means counting calories, busting out calculators and apps.


We know there is a better way.

I rarely, if ever, have clients count calories, track or weigh their foods.

When a program is put together correctly and when proper habits are used counting calories, simply isn’t necessary.

I have developed ELITE Fueling and my philosophy around a simple set of principles. Get results that last and teach proper fundamentals and habits. PERIOD!

I would have you look at food, gauge your food portions and timing a little differently.

Moderation and consistency.

It’s that simple.

When developing the habits we need long term it all starts with your hands. If you start developing this habit today you will start to see changes rapidly.

Hold out our hand.

Take a good look at it. Your hand is proportionate to your body, it’s consistent and always with you. It’s one of the best tools you will ever have and use to measure foods and nutrients. If you want consistency with your meals use this simple guide to build your plate.

This works no matter where you are.

Go out with your friends, go to the party, hang with your family and don’t sweat “blowing” it.

Be a human with taste buds and enjoy life just control your portions.

Simply use your hands to build your plate and remember,


Discover your ELITE.


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