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I love the quote “Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be” by Khalil Gibran. Weekly tracking and reacting to your results is vital to achieving your goals.

We have all seen someone with the goal of “losing weight”. They tell us how strict their meal plans are and what they can and can’t eat. Some tell us how hard core their workouts are and how many hours they spend in the gym. While others tell us how many calories they burn in 20 min and that all other time in the gym is a waste of time. Despite all of their hard work and good intentions the scale may move a little but soon their results slow and eventually stop. They increase their cardio and see no results. They lift weights harder and longer yet no results. They get more strict on their diet, cut calories and still don’t see the results. Frustration sets in and eventually they quit or get injures. This is a common scenario because so many people only focus on the number on the scale.

The system for achieving results is rather simple. If you’re not seeing measurable progress in a reasonable amount of time you need to stop, analyze what your doing, identify the biggest issue and alter your course.

The numbers don’t lie.

The scale alone doesn’t give you a good marker of what is truly going on. Your body can fluctuate fluid mass anywhere from four to seven pounds. The relative number on the scale doesn’t separate fluid mass from fat mass.

There is a simple solution that keeps you on track to changing your body composition and getting the results you want. You must consistently measure your results, track your progress and use the right measuring tools.

In the world of sports, a coaching staff’s success, in the public eye is mainly measured by the numbers in the win loss columns. It’s a simple formula, you win you stay, you lose and people are calling for your head. In the business world people are held to metrics and sales goals. Hit your numbers and you stay, miss your numbers and you are asked to hit the bricks. Success is simply a numbers game. Measuring and tracking your numbers holds you accountable for your results. You’re on the hook. You can’t hide, because the numbers tell the whole story.

In order for you to succeed you have to “keep score”. You have to demand good numbers week in, week out. Notice I didn’t say great or perfect numbers.

The two pitfalls I see people fall into the most are:

1. Expect perfection

2. Comparing themselves and their rate of progress to other people.

These pitfalls will sabotage your success and destroy your self confidence. If you simply take ownership of your results, alter your plan according to your results and demand progress you will achieve amazing goals. Focus on your score, block out others results and their opinions. The people that understand and apply a “results focused” mindset achieve amazing lifestyles and lasting results.

This is the ultimate starting point. Everything we do starts right here. No crazy meal plans, no ridiculous workouts just results. Spend a few days letting this foundational principle sink in. After it does and you adopt this mindset you’re ready for more.

Next post we will look at the feedback principle.

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