Track Your Progress

As you progress through your fitness journey make sure you track and chart your progress. You can do this any way you like, electronically, on an app like the ELITE Fueling app, in excel or on a simple piece of paper.

Tracking your progress has three main benefits.

  1. Accountability.
    1. Knowing that your going to track your compliance to your meal plan, exercise and body composition, each week, keeps you on track. If someone oversees your progress that’s even better. It can be a coach, training partner, family member, friend or us here at ELITE Fueling. Knowing yo have to report to someone will keep you moving towards you goals.
  2. Motivation.
    1. Knowing that you’re tracking your progress is motivating. Seeing your results improve is huge. When we keep score it can keep us pushing forward and consistently trying a little better each day. Small progress over time is what we are after. When the results are positive we press on. When the numbers aren’t positive we use them as feedback to get back on track.
  3. Direction.
    1. The results you track each week give you feedback about where you are and what direction you’re headed. Like the pilot in the airplane we need to make small course changes based off our results. As we do we stay on track and actually hit our goals.

Your progress chart should include:
– Date
– Total Scale Weight
– Body Fat Percentage
– Lean Mass Weight
– Fat Mass Weight
– Circumference measurements.

Each number should have the weekly variance of each category. Your chart can be as simple or as intricate as you would like or need. The key is to customize it to your needs and interests.

Add other categories like sleep, resting heart rate, heart rate zones, recovery or perceived level of exertion for your workouts. The sky is the limit.

Track the variables that 1. hold you accountable, 2. motivate you to progress and 3. keep you heading in the right direction.

When you begin your new program start from day one. Fill in your chart and break the numbers down. Then, every week, chart your progress and check the variables. Look at you numbers and variances from a coaching perspective. Be realistic and think through your week.

Now you have some information to go by. Did you gain fat or lose fat? Did you gain lean mass or lose lean mass? How well did you follow your meal plan? How well did you follow your workout schedule? Did you put the right effort into your workouts? Are you sleeping at least 7-8 hours? Are you recovered? Are you on cycle or holding fluids?


Line it out and track all the information you can. There are so many variables at play the more you track the better. The information you pull together gives you clear detail on how you’re body is reacting to all the variables. Now you can make informed and effective changes to your program. The better the changes the faster the results.

By tracking and charting your information over time you will see and feel changes quickly. You will gain lean mass and burn body fat. You will see it in the data. You will feel it in your clothes. You will see it in the mirror.

This is exactly what we do at ELITE Fueling. We track your progress, ask the right questions and make informed and effective changes to your program. All you have to do is follow your program.

Track your progress, see and feel the results.

As you do you will, Discover Your ELITE.


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