What Camp?

What sets ELITE Fueling apart?

People often ask me “what camp I belong to”. I love this question because what they are really asking is what sets me and ELITE Fueling apart from others in the industry. This use to make me stop and think. Not because I am not confident in my abilities. I’m wicked good at what I do but I had to stop and think about what makes me different than everyone else. The reality is that anyone in the fitness and nutrition coaching is all drawing from the same foundation. There isn’t anything new or revolutionary. The science is the science and needs to be applied correctly to achieve uncommon results. We know what works and what doesn’t. A sad trend is that too many of my peers sell out to fads, gimmicks and resort to talking about nothing other than themselves.

What separates ELITE Fueling from trends and those in my industry? Common sense and you.

Anyone can tell you to stop eating carbs, gluten and sugar. Sure you will get results for a short time but that isn’t any way to live life. We help everyday people as well as the best athletes in the world balance the food they love according to the science needed to get the results they desire.

You need a common sense approach for uncommon results.

You are your own person. You have hopes and dreams. You have habits, likes and dislikes. Shouldn’t your program be tailored to you, your hopes, your dreams and your likes? Your program isn’t about me and my success it has to be 100% about you.

You are the most important person we work with.

Discover your ELITE


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