Your Feedback Loop

Your Feedback Loop

We know dieting is never going to be a viable long term fix to the relapse problem. Strict, detailed and regimented plans have their place however, they never really mesh well with real life.

I love hearing about “new” diets. I enjoy the research and trying to find where they base their methodology. I Like to see if there is any validity to the claims, where the science is based and if it will provide long term results. I can always find something good about the approach but do you know the one thing I rarely find? A repeatable feedback system.

What’s a feedback system? Feedback is really what keeps you on track. Everything ELITE Fueling does is based driven by feedback. Together, we build your meal plan and training program, you follow your plan as best you can and then in 7-10 days you report back and we take a look at the feedback and results. We then take your plan and tweak it so you stay on target towards your goals. When we do this we have a reliable method to ensure that our approach is working and we are maximizing your results.

Not too difficult right?!? Here is how you can do it.

If you want to navigate the journey of health and wellness effectively you must cycle through a simple sequence:

  1. Assess the situation
    1. Determine your starting body composition.
  2. Set actionable goals
    1. Detailed and achievable.
  3. Game plan
    1. Design your meal plan and workout routine.
  4. Take effective action
    1. Follow your plan.
  5. Measure your results
    1. After 7-10 days check your body composition and compliance to your plan.
  6. Make necessary adjustments
    1. Alter your plan based off of your results.
  7. Repeat.
    1. Jump back up to #2

Put your head down and keep after it until you hit your goals.

With this feedback loop system you can’t fail. You will reach your goals no matter how big or small if you follow these seven steps religiously.

The path to success is never a straight line. You will find yourself off track and out of line. That’s ok and expected. This is the real world. You have a life and taste buds. Make adjustments to your game plan. Keep tweaking and adjusting.

The difference between people who successfully achieve their goals and those who don’t is the the successful person doesn’t give up. They adjust their course according to the feedback. Sometimes we all get results we don’t want or expect, the successful person takes this valuable feedback, pulls the positives, learns from it and then adjusts their course accordingly.

When a pilot wants to fly from Seattle to Chicago he will determine his coordinates and set his flight plan. During the flight the plane never stays on a straight path. There are too many factors at play like, wind, turbulence and weather conditions that are constantly pushing the plane off coure. If the pilot and or the navigation system doesn’t continually check the planes flight path the plane would end up thousands of miles off course. When the plane deviates off course the navigation system kicks in, determines the correct adjustments and the pilot steers the plane back on the correct path.

You are the pilot. You need to gather all the feedback you can and make the little adjustments to keep on track to your goals. Feedback is both positive and negative and is the navigation systems. The pilot of an airplane doesn’t give up if turbulence push the plane off course. He gathers the necessary information from the navigations system and gets the airplane back on course. When you have a rough day or week, be the pilot, gather the necessary information and steer the plane back on track.

Like the airplane, as long as you stay focused and pay attention to where your headed and keep making the necessary adjustments you will be successful.

Put your head down and do the work and Discover your ELITE.


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