Your Body Composition

Your Body Composition.

How many pounds of fat do you have on your frame right now?

How much fat mass have you gained or lost since January 2nd?

If you don’t know and you want to change your body composition then you need to find out and track that body fat like a hound dog.

If you lose 2 pounds in a week how much of that was fat mass? Do you track it each week? If you work with ELITE Fueling you do!

There is a BIG difference between tracking weight loss and tracking boy composition. Too many people are fixated on the scale. The scale will fluctuate three to four + pounds on any given day. NEVER, EVER react daily to the scale. Give your body time to adjust and react to your you routine.

When you really want to change your body composition there are 4 essential components:

  1.  A daily meal plan pattern and consistency based on your current skill set and condition that’s goals focused.
  2.  A cardiovascular training program based on your current skill set and condition that’s goals focused.
  3.  A resistance training program based on your current skill set and condition that’s goals focused.
  4.  Consistent body composition tracking.
  5.  Patient and determined mental game.

Lets look at the 4th component.

If you don’t know where you are how do you know where you’re going? You must have a system for tracking your body composition over time. If you want to lose weight you must target body fat to be successful long term. If you want to gain muscle mass you must track your body composition to make sure the weight you’re gaining is muscle.

When you measure and track your weekly body composition you have a solid understanding of what your body is doing. If the scale goes up sit down and see what you gained before you gargle razor blades. The two pounds gained may only be water weight and you need to stay the course. If the two pounds is body fat you can slightly lower your calories and slightly increase your training to get your body fat to move. Sounds simple right? It is but, you need to keep a patient and determined mind. Its hard to be patient and let your body react.

Most people are focused on tracking their scale weight. They think that if they lose weight they are on track and if they gain weight they are completely derailed. Because of the weight loss industry too many people react almost daily to the scale number. Making scale weight your only focus is a massive mistake.

The weight loss industry and 99% of the diets have one measuring stick: the scale. “Lose 20
pounds in 30 days on my ….”. “Swill this potion and magically watch the weight fall off while you sit on the couch and watch Maury…”. “Eat the foods you love and still lose weight…”. “You are full of toxins…”.

Oh Boy, Back on track.

Anyone can tell you to cut carbohydrates and exercise harder and the scale will move but what is it that’s moving?

Is it fat?


Solid research has shown that less than 2-3% of 20 pounds lost in less than 4-6 weeks is body fat.


Let me translate. If you lose 20 pounds in less than 6 weeks you may lose 4-6 pounds of fat. That leaves 14-16 pounds of water weight and muscle!

That 21 day “fix” look as attractive now?

Focus on the right numbers. Building muscle and burning fat. That’s the difference between changing your body composition and losing weight.

Change your body composition.

Discover your ELITE.


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