Your scale weight

Your body weight alone can never tell you everything you need to know about your current condition, health or body composition. Your scale weight alone won’t give you the detailed information needed to achieve your muscle building or fat burning goals.

What if I track my scale weight along with the Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Not so fast!

The BMI is a mathematical equation that tries to tell you if you’re overweight or obese. Some equations will include your age to be a “little more accurate” but in short, the BMI is hogwash.

Some people love the BMI, some hate it!

I have a client that plays in the National Football League. He is 6’ 4” and weighs in at 241 pounds. Our goal is to get him up to 255 pounds. If you plug his starting height and weight into the BMI calculator he will be a 29.2. That classifies him as borderline obese. When we get him up to 255 pounds he will read a 31.0. That will classify him as obese.

FAIL Right?


When we look at his body composition we find that he is 241 pounds and 17.3% body fat. That means he has 199 pounds of lean mass and 42 pounds of body fat. Our goal is to get him to 255 pounds and reduce his body fat to 13%. When he reports back to his team he will have 221 pounds of lean mass and 33 pounds of body fat.

According to the BMI we will be making this poor guy obese by building 22 pounds of muscle and burning 9 pounds of fat. When this guy hits someone next year the last thing they will be thinking is, he is obese.

He won’t be obese, he will be a spooky human being that’s primed to hit people so hard that they will blow snot bubbles.

The scale and BMI calculations are worthless for most people. If a woman loses a quick 25 pounds on a crash diet wasn’t she a success? Not necessarily. As we have discussed in other posts she will be lucky to have 10 pounds of that weight loss be fat mass. When more than half your weight loss is muscle mass that’s not a success. That’s a failure! She may be a little smaller but she will be flabby, saggy and have no tone to her.

The only thing she will achieve is the coveted skinny fat!

Ain’t nobody want that!

When you don’t track your body composition, the scale can fool you.

Don’t focus only on the scale.

Focus on you, your body, your results.

Discover your ELITE.


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